Folks, if you are going to apply for any job/ internship with a producer, agency, or management company, you have to know what coverage is. Coverage is a 2-4 page report on a submitted script, book, or project. When someone submits a script, 95% of the time it's not read first by the executive but by an intern, assistant, or reader first. And they write coverage, a report which lets execs know what the script is about and lets them know if they should read it. The info on the form is fairly standard across the industry, but the actual forms vary widely. You may well be asked for sample coverage. They will likely send you a script. I'd ask them if they have a form they use. Check this carefully. Grammar mistakes will likely cost you the job. Have someone else check it. Read it aloud to yourself. Here's a sheet from Columbia University I came across that's pretty helpful on it.