Act Fast!

Just so you know how this all works, let me tell you a few stories. I have a friend at a top television show. They really needed a PA last year. With a few hours of just a few people there asking for people, they got hundreds of resumes. And those were all the candidates she needed. Interviews took place the next day. And a person was hired that day. That's how fast it can go. A job tip could be done within hours. Too many people want these positions. How you apply for work will often determine if you get the job. Always have a resume and generic cover ready to go at all times. I always suggested PDFs. They won’t pull up a spell and grammar checked when opened. And their format various less from program to program.

On the BFF Berkeley networking board I run, someone just posted about a PA job at a great animation company. Within 2 hours, she had her pick of people to choose from. And she was done. If you weren't on the board then, you would have missed it. If you weren’t prepared to apply professionally and quickly, she wasn’t interested in you.

I also got an email this week from a friend who is helping a friend hire. They're trying to find a post PA (production assistant in post-production) on a studio film. These spots are a fantastic way for people to break into post and are highly desirable. These folks looking can't afford the time to do a wide search, so they reach out to people they know and trust. And my friend trusts me. I want to do well by him because he is a friend. But I also know if I refer someone sub-par, he might not ask me again. So I'll be careful. There's a recent grad I know who would be great for this. But she's very slow to respond to my emails and didn't once. So she's off my list. I won't refer her because she might do that when going for this job. I think she'll be smart enough not to, but it's not worth the risk for me. She’ll look unprofessional, and in turn so will I as I referred her. How you correspond with people often determines if you will get a career going in this industry. When I would hire, I knew how someone interacted with me was the best they would ever do. Because now they wanted something, in this case a job, from me. And if it wasn't good then, it certainly wouldn't be good on the job.  They were done with the first failed email. Contacts and careers are lost on this.