Quick tip – if you are shy, and reluctant to ask for favors, help, or information, just don’t be. To work in the industry, it’s just very hard to be that way and thrive. I can’t tell you how to get rid of those feelings, but they may very well hamper your work. In many ways, the industry is non-stop sales. You are selling yourself, your work, and/ or others’ work. And those feelings just don’t help. Some of the most successful people I know are not necessarily the most talented, though many are, but they are so resilient, mentally tough, shameless, or just utterly unaware of any hurt feelings from rejection. As he was breaking in, a producer told a writer I know that he really didn’t like his work. My friend’s response was to ask if the producer knew of someone else to check it out. There was nothing that stopped him from getting his work out. He’s now an executive producer on a successful tv show.

If you have a 2 percent chance of success with every attempt, do the math on how many times you have to try. I asked a young, accomplished go-getter student if she had any sense of shame when going for things. She had to think about it. That to me was the answer. She’s now working as a producer for a famous movie company. One more way to think of this? Chances are the person you trying to reach out to is pretty shameless, too. That’s how they got in the position they are. They may not like it in others, but they understand and usually respect it.