A great book to check out!

This is a terrific book on getting a filmmaking career as a creative from Dean Silvers. When he hired me, Dean was producing a script about incest that was then called Swelter from an unknown filmmaker. That later became Spanking the Monkey, and it was the breakout film of David O. Russell. Dean always had an eye for material and the drive and intelligence to get it done, and I've never met a more passionate filmmaking than him. A little after he hired me and I showed I wasn't going to be a complete disaster, he told me the reason why he had. On my resume, I had the Chicago Cubs under my likes. He said he knew I would be good in film. I knew how to suffer. Check out his book by clicking HERE to get to it at Amazon and you may suffer a little less in your career. Or click here: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Breaking-into-Film-Business/dp/0062280066/