I started Berkeley Film Friends (BFF) at Berkeley to guide students in the film and television industry, and it's been a resounding success. With now over 1400 members, I've helped over dozens of students find jobs and internships at The Colbert Report, DreamWorks, Pixar, Paramount, Paramount Animation, Family Guy, Original Force 3D, Hulu, Spike TV, Seventh Summits, NBCUniversal, Lucasfilm, ILM,  Original Force, CAA, UTA, Vendome, Aletheia Films,  the Telluride Film Festival, Wallflowers Inc., and many more. I also took my students to see various film offices and meet the pros that worked there, places such as Facebook, Pixar, Google, Dreamworks, Skywalker Ranch, LucasFilm at the Presidio, Paramount Studios, and the Family Guy studios in LA. Check out these photos. 

Here's what some of them have to say about me and BFF: 

When people ask me about the film community at Cal, I always tell them about George Larkin — the man who I believe single-handedly unified the film production family that exists at Cal today. Only over a year ago, he gave me a shot to taste what industry life was like with a trip to Pixar. Through Berkeley Film Friends I found the opportunity to work on American Idol and meet other students who are industry-oriented. Now, as I embark on my final year at Cal, I'll have a team to always offer advice and job spots to as I move into the professional world. Thanks George, you rock. H.H. (Universal)

As the founder of the Berkeley Film Friends group and an instructor at UC Berkeley, George Larkin has singlehandedly done more to advance the careers of Cal film students than anyone else I have met combined. M.M. (Pixar)

Always encouraging and collaborative, George is genuinely devoted to helping anyone interested in the industry. He frequently connects individuals to establish great working relationships and friendships. Through George, I was able to land two of my first entertainment internships. They were invaluable experiences and both began because of his referrals. Meeting George has been a huge pleasure. He is a tremendous talent and someone I can always count on. B.C. (DreamWorks)

George Larkin is one of the most giving and encouraging people I've met. M.P. (Pixar)

GL at Pixar.JPG

George Larkin’s brainchild, Berkeley Film Friends, has helped spur on the careers of many Cal students, including my own. With his first-hand experience, he has advised us on everything from post-production editing to touching up our resumes. For me personally he has been a mentor, offering direction when I made difficult decisions. I was able to secure an internship immediately after graduation thanks to his recommendation. He truly has a heart for his students…. I am so thankful to Mr. Larkin and BFF that my transition into the film industry has been so much more enjoyable than I had ever dreamed it would be. S.C. (Creative Artists Agency)

I cannot say enough positive things about George. He improved both my undergrad and post-grad experiences in film & TV, and is an extremely intelligent, all-around wonderful person! K.L. (MTV)

From non-paid to salary, zero to hero. I can't thank George enough for creating this site and FINALLY introducing networking to the Berkeley Film & Media program. I could not have done it without George's referral and this wonderful site! Thanks againI have a job thanks to George LarkinM.M. (Seventh Summit)

What George has started here through "Berkeley Film Friends" is amazing. K.F. (WME)

Thank so much, George. Your knowledge of the industry is invaluable. V.E. (Vice)

Without BFF I would be starting from scratch in LA with absolutely no direction. I am personally very thankful for the creation of BFF and all that George has done to grow the group. BFF is the best form of job placement and information within the film industry for Berkeley students with little connections. J.C. (NBC)

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I owe George and BFF for many incredible opportunities like my internship with Spike, an interview with a lit agency whose job was all but mine if not for a time clash, my current training experience for production assistant work in Hollywood, and my continued enthusiasm for Berkeley's filmmaking network. I also got to visit Pixar, Family Guy, Paramount purely through BFF and I've met interesting and passionate people along the way. I can say without a doubt that he has shaped my career more than any other instructor I have encountered and I am very grateful to have someone as resourceful, engaged, and intelligent as George in my corner. O.L. (Family Guy)

George Larkin is an inspirational guy. I first met him in a production class at UC Berkeley 2 semesters ago. From day 1, he has been so lovely and encouraging of students pursuing the entertainment dream. It's a long, hard road in this business, and in starting this group and continuing to provide other incredible opportunities (Pixar/Family Guy/Facebook visits, etc etc etc), he has made facing that road less daunting and even more exciting. Filmmaking is about community, and I'm so grateful to be a part of this one. M.G. (Deadline)

George Larkin has transformed the way CAL Film students and alums interact with one another. Before BFF, there was virtually no functioning alumnae network amongst Film students. I cannot even begin to describe what BFF has done for me. Thanks George! You rock! L.R. (ILM)

I now work for an amazing A-list director who is mentoring me in my writing, and is going to help me pitch my ideas to TV networks, and there's no way I would have had this opportunity at my first job without the help of BFF. Berkeley filmmakers are incredibly supportive of one another, but lacked a venue to help each other out, and I'm not exaggerating when I say George has literally filled that void by creating BFF. M.P. (Wallflower)