Don't just dream. Do.

I'd love to make a career in the industry easier for you. It's a tough field, but if you know a little more, so much is possible! There's an unwritten Hollywood code on how to act and what to say, so I'm writing it down here. 

About Me

In between a Yale BA and a Berkeley PhD, I worked for many years in the industry, starting with David O. Russell and then moving on to studio and theatre work. I've been advising students for some time about developing careers, and I've just collected the advice at I am currently am an  Assistant Professor of Filmmaking at Woodbury University in Burbank.

Everyone who has worked in the industry looks back and chuckles at all we didn’t know when we started and how much easier it would have been if we had! I was that kid from the midwest. My dad was a stockbroker, and my mom was a school teacher. When I started in the industry, I knew nothing and made so many mistakes, but I still soon ended up working on projects with David O. Russell, Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin, Dean Silvers etc. I figured it out, and I'd like to help you do it too. Phrase it as you like. Tips for Hollywood. A guide for the industry. How to get started in Hollywood. Basically, this site is to help you with getting Hollywood.

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